Ahh, fall and winter—my least favorite seasons, for I was not meant to live in cold weather.

My hair is dry no matter the season, and I have to take great care to keep it moisturized. From wetting it regularly and sealing it with butters to weekly deep conditioning to ayurvedic herbs, I do it all. In the winter, my dryness is even worse.

However, I just realized (!) that there’s something small I can do that will help my hair. I’ve started using my vaporizer daily instead of just when I have a cold. Since I work from home, I spend a lot of time in my cozy, warm—and sometimes very hot—environment. But I’ve noticed that when I use my vaporizer throughout the day, my hair doesn’t dry out as much as normal in these chilly temperatures. My skin appreciates it, too, since the dry air also tends to steal moisture from it.

There are some really cute humidifier models (shaped like frogs, pigs, monkeys, etc.) out there, so you can help your hair and smile whenever you see your dragon friend blowing steam.