I’m noticing a pattern in my life, and it plays out here on the blog: Usually early in each year, I get my hair braided and get lazy about my hair maintenance, not to mention writing about my haircare.

This has got to stop.

Well, it’s going to stop to an extent because I’ve decided that I’m not going to braid my hair anymore. My hairline is receding more now, and I’m hoping that as I become more dedicated to my hair maintenance—instead of the lazy hair maintenance I’ve been practicing—my sides and hairline will bounce back. I think that having braids makes it worse because of the tightness and pulling. I don’t need anything else to take my hair out; laziness, eczema, and medicine already do a good job of that!

Lately, I’m really encouraged because of how my hair responded to my conditioning treatments after my haircut a week ago. Since I have to strip out the silicones from the products my stylist uses, two days before I washed my hair, I coated it with my favorite pre-poo conditioner, Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque, and the following day, I wet my hair and saturated it with evening primrose oil. That night, I slept with a plastic cap on my hair, and the following day, I shampooed with a cleanser that contained coco-betaine and deep conditioned with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab.

Instead of feeling stripped from the coco-betaine, my hair feels incredibly soft and well moisturized. The results I got from my twist-out are amazing. In fact, five days later, I’m still able to pineapple and wear the curls from this one twist-out.

So, the lesson here is to stop being lazy and take care of hair—actually, take care of myself.

And … it’s time for my ayurvedic treatment.