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So, it’s been, um, quiet around here, huh? Well, you know how it is. I got braids earlier this year—after my last post, in fact—and I got lazy. Welcome back, me.

Now, back to the point: I’ve been natural for several years now, but I still have had problems with some of the sprays I make for my hair; they always separated or were somewhat gloppy or “googly.” Any time I used aloe vera gel in a recipe, just forget about it staying mixed.

I decided to try something different the last time I prepared my moisturizing spray. I poured my ingredients (water, aloe vera gel, olive oil, grapefruit seed extract, lavender, and fragrance oil—all at room temperature) in a mixing container and blended it with my stick blender (immersion blender). Well, that did the trick instead of shaking everything in my spray bottle.

I’m sure many people already know to do this, but in case you also have unresolved separation issues, save yourself some pain and get an inexpensive stick blender.

Happy mixing!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that you’ll probably still need to shake this mixture before you use it, but at least you won’t have the googlies or the gloppies.