I have to reiterate, if you don’t use ayurvedic herbs in your regimen, you are soooo missing out—no matter the condition of your hair, it could benefit from ayurvedic herb pastes, oils, and/or teas.

However, to my fellow protein-sensitive peeps: Although in my post on my ayurvedic herb paste, I shared how I use dry milk powder in my paste, you may want to avoid it. I use protein in small doses, and usually only once a month, since my hair is a mixture of coarse and medium strands. Despite my sensitivity, I do need protein to repair the very visible holes in my hair.

I’ve also learned that some people who are protein-sensitive can’t use aloe vera or jojoba. I don’t have that problem, but beware. Feel free to omit the aloe. And the key to using oil is in this paste is to make sure it’s an oil that can penetrate hair, such as avocado, olive, camellia, or whatever works for you.

Now, go forth and explore ayurvedic love!