Well! I’d better get crackin’ over here, hadn’t I?

I’m really excited because I think I’ve finally found a great wash-and-go routine. And not only the routine, but the right products as well! (Okay, unless I find something better …hey, I’m a product junkie; what do you want from me?)

Yesterday, I was going out to dinner, and I knew I wanted to show off some curl, so I co-washed with Suave Tropical Coconut, as usual. I conditioned with Aubrey Organic’s White Camellia (I can’t rave about it enough—it’s far better for my hair than Aubrey’s Honeysuckle Rose, but that could be because of the wheat protein that the Honeysuckle Rose contains). I detangled my hair, rinsed, and then put it into about 10 sections.

After my shower, I spritzed my sectioned head with more water (a bit of time had elapsed between my shower exit and styling time). Then, to each section, I applied a large gumball-sized dab of BioInfusion Hydrating Balm (I’m still looking for a natural replacement!) and a squirt of shea oil (not shea butter). Aha! This is the key for preventing white glops and flakes as my hair dries.

I really wish I had a decent camera (I’ve really got to work on that) to show you all how it turned out, but for a change, the back of my hair was well-defined, plus it had less shrinkage. Gee, I suppose I have to do more than glop my leave-in on the top of my head, huh? 😉

Even better, I pineappled my hair last night and my second day curls are still cute—not quite as defined as yesterday, but they’ll more than just do.