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There’s something about me—laziness? boredom, perhaps?—that prevents me from settling into a routine for anything. Over the years I’ve tried to correct this flaw, but to no avail. I’d rather shoot from the hip. However, there are some things in life that just require a routine. Like my hair.

Add to this trait flaw the fact that I am a product junkie (PJ) of the worst kind: I buy products and quickly abandon them—it’s not always that they don’t work, but also because I get bored. So, my bathroom area is full of half- and quarter-used products, with a few mainstays scattered in the wasteland.

If I could pin down my routine, I think my hair would grow more, be softer and more radiant, and be easier to maintain. Ahh, my personality flaw has far reaching effects!

So, consistency in my routine … and posting here, will go a long way. Coming soon, I’ll be writing about the products I use regularly and what I’m trying to incorporate in my routine. I think “putting it out there” will help. Comments and suggestions are welcome.